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Web development by IBS Thailand is the guarantee fo  rapid deployment tohigh quality standard for outsourcing price. Innovation at the cutting edge oftechnology promise a lot - for IBS Thailand we practiced.

Custom web solutions tailored to fit your needs o  standard solutions forrapid results, IBS Thailand meets all requirements.

Web development at IBS Thailand include the following:

Web Development from Enterprise Content Management Systems


For web development of ECMS we sat heavily on the open source TYPO3 software. Web development here refers to the development of graphictemplate  template expansion, Adjustments o the TYPO3 system to the needs o  the client and the development of new extensions.

Here, great emphasis is placed on a 100% validated code. Considerationof a search engine optimized programming and an accessible end result.

Web development shop systems

Design-Element e-Commerce

In Web Development in e-commerce IBS Thailand considers first line to the customer needs a custom shop system to develop. Serve as the baseserves as Magento as a professional solution for large e-stores or xt:Commerce solutions for medium-sized. Web development ofshop-systems, the same standards are recognized as the web development of content management systems.

Web development of accessible websites

Design Element Barrierefreiheit

Many websites or shop owners seldom think of accessibility, although thiscan mean an enormous competitive advantage over competitors. Throughthe barrier-free access for internal present a new customer base will be opened. Because of the Web programming for barrier-free websites or stores that they have a search engine friendly code. The result - the rankingincreases.

Many internet agencies advertise the web development of accessiblewebsites. But few meet the criteria in the company's own presence. IBS Thailand is not just talking like this - we practice it. See for yourself.

Web development of search engine optimized websites

Design-Element SEO

Web development of search engine optimized web applications begins with the development of the layout and continues on through the On Pageprogramming. Especially with the development of the layout, not to be confused with the design, many mistakes are made or this is not taken out of ignorance. At the end of the search engine optimized web developmentis an error-free source code. This is called the validation or the source code must validate.

As a customer you are entitled to a professional execution of your order.Just as you can convince yourself.
An easy way is to check with the online tool of the W3C. So you can checkany web page on an error-free programming. Also your internet agency.Finally, the poster child and this reflects the quality of work.

Web development as an outsourcing partner

The Web development as an outsourcing partner, we take the developmentof partial and complete projects. IBS Thailand developed for you on the highest professional standards in meeting deadlines for outsourcing price.

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