Development and service focus at IBS

Our priorities have crystallized over the years out. Due to the demands of our customers through the technological change, the further development of the Internet and its challenges.

Now you might say Typo3 agencies, Magento agencies or general Internet and advertising agencies, there are many on the market. Why IBS Internet Business Solutions are the right agency for my company or our Internet project?

The question is justified. And you, the customer will have to take seriously the right choice. What would you do? What is important to you? The number of employees? How long has the company? The Google Page Rank? The design of the website? How much text is on offer? Or pricing.

Certainly not all customers have the same criteria or priorities. Given that all providers will write on their websites that they offer quality and professional work. We write, too.

Final you have to decide as a customer for a supplier.

We want to offer you assistance. Take the home pages of the eligible provider to you again under the microscope.

With listed on the right tool and browser add-ons you can check the quality of websites. The easiest way is with the Firefox Add-ons "HTML Validator".

Useful helpers

Online Tools

This extension displays during the surf at the bottom of the browser bar, if a website has been programmed without errors. Green is error-free, contain yellow and red alerts - this website contains errors!

We hope that we could help you with this little help your decision.

IBS offers high quality at a fair price.  Contact us, or order a recall.