Technical Services at IBS Bangkok

For a successful Internet presence is needed now more than a user-friendly and search engine optimized design. The online set of Internet application, it is not done. A Web site needs maintaining!
One point is the area of search engine optimization, for an achieved Top 10 positions is not maintained automatically. Another point is, the website requires a technical care. Similar to the regular inspection of a car.

A technical service

for content management systems, web sites, blogs, forums and shop systems refers primarily to update the software. In addition, include the closing security holes and the import of bug fixes to the technical services.
But the upgrade and expand the web applications by implementing additional functionality or features is a technical services.

Security patches and updates

graphic element security

should not be taken lightly. The internet is often misused in order to get data and information from competitors.

The number of people or attackers called growing increase. These are not just criminals who want to enrich themselves with the tapping of data, or computer kiddies who are just curious.

More and more there are full-time hackers who offer services company, for the purpose of obtaining data he associates. But government agencies, for example from the land of the middle, get more and more under suspicion of deliberate targeting of trade secrets.

Update version

released by the development of content management system or shop-system software. The development is usually based on adding new features, improving the operation and is due to customer demands or complains.

Often, and software errors and security hole with. Often, software bugs and security holes closed with a version update. Most are also visual changes made so that the user must also accept the e is a new version.

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