Outsourcing - What is it?

The concept of outsourcing first emerged, in relation to IT processes, in the 80' years and was initiated by the extensive IT outsourcing of General Motors. Meanwhile, outsourcing is practiced in almost all industries. Even in small and medium-sized companies, it has installed.

Outsourcing is primarily intended to streamline certain activities, cost savings, flexibility and focus on core business. For this reason, the real benefits lie mainly outside of the remit, inefficient areas when others offer higher quality, or lack the know-how, to external service providers. Other reasons may be a rapidly growing company, the time without this infrastructure to build or to intercept order peaks.

The following areas of responsibility are especially suitable for outsourcing

  • Software Development
  • TYPO3 Extension Development
  • Digitizing documents
  • Translations
  • Modern web design with CSS
  • TYPO3 Templates
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Press Relations
  • Medical and safety services

Companies face in today's competitive global market, comparedto huge challenges. The effective use of resources and budget is one of them. One of the biggest costfactors is as human resources. A proven and aviable solution is the offshore outsourcing. This allows the development costs of software, reducing at the same time enlarging the margins.


With outsourcing, you not only reduce your costs but you also increase your sales. How is that possible? Because your competitors with a performance advantage trump and win more projects because you will incur lower costs.

What do we do?

IBS offers companies with the opportunity of your software development, web programming and administration outsource on favorable terms. With the powerinterconnection between IBS Germany and IBS-Thailand we have a proven and powerful model for a qualified service provides the customer's site and on the other the earliest possible outsourcing enables the production of a low-cost offshore location without anyfriction.

IBS is the contractor of the customer and takes over full responsibility of the on-site management, on the engagement, up to, and acceptance of offshore supply services by IBS Thailand. By customer not entail additional expenses or loss of quality, but significant cost advantages. The higher the proportion of offshore services, the higher the potential savings.

We offer various cooperation models for IT departments, agencies, computer, software and Webentwicklungsfirmen, that an outsourcing partnership can be considered.

Benefit from our experience in outsourcing and talk to us.

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