Print- and Web Design

Information to reach the customer in a way that this feels just moved to the intended action must be designed in ways that appeal to him and win his intense interest. And this is precisely the task of a design.

Print Design

For print media, the design shall be established clearly and simply, as opposed to web design, where the technical conditions and the extensive functionality of the Internet must be considered. If information on print media sent to the customer, we will search for the appropriate format. By defined standards such as DIN sizes are clearly defined. Used colors, fonts and sizes are represented uniformly in all-made print media. Thus, each customer, the information in the same design.

In contrast, the transmission of information on a website designed. As already mentioned, this need technical feasibility, the advanced features now available in the network are considered. To illustrate the difference, we assume you are advertising for an apartment and want to share the information from your flyer online now.

Web Design

While the handling of the Flyers for the consumer very simple design, the information in the network are implemented user-friendly technology. The navigation, as well as the overall development of the site must also accommodate the largest possible group of Internet users. This means that people need to be considered a disability, and web design is characterized by accessibility design.

Nutritional information, as in our example, the appearance of the rooms in the apartment, are explained in the brochure or flyer on other pages. When a web page, this is achieved through links that lead from the home page to the bottom. While out in print media, only the side and back, laminated must be considered in web design that links to explain the cause sub-pages are not used so that the user has a glut of link choice opportunities. For the user of the site would after all lead to disorientation rather than to the information received.

For ease of use include any information that is technically accessible. While in the print medium colors and images for "heart's content" can be used, care must be taken in web design that used objects are visible to all users. Does the user for example, only a particular Web browser, he will probably leave the page rather than to make a special effort to install extra Broswer.

As an experienced web designer, so we can implement for your information on the website so that you can reach the largest possible customer base with it.

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