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TYPO3 SEO Complete Package Gold - The professional TYPO3 solution

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TYPO3 search engine optimized complete package for professional use.

This TYPO3 complete package is aimed at customers who are planning a new website or a re-launch an existing web presence, with the goal of optimal search engine placement.It includes a 100% on-page programming of websites, plus a micro-site. An analysis of your content, keyboards and headlines, followed by optimization. Furthermore the TYPO3 SEO Professional Package includes a three-month analysis with evaluation and adaptation.Furthermore, a TYPO3 Business Hosting is is included. In the hosting included three domains (com, net, org) and three different IP addresses. Thus, each domain can have its own IP address assigned. What is considered positively by the search engines themselves when linking to your web pages.

Overview of services included:

  • Typo3 Installation & Configuration
  • Create 2 users (Admin, editor)
  • Create page tree structure and 18 pages
  • Create a custom design
  • Setting up a contact form
  • Setting up a dynamic (automatic) Sitemap
  • Setting Real-Url
  • Setting up a news system
  • Implement a search function
  • Input of 12 Content Pages of the submission (Word, Txt PDF file)
  • Create a Microsite (same Design)
    • Incl. contact form
    • Incl. webgalery
    • Incl. sitestructur (3 content pages)
    • Incl. Search
  • Analysis of the meta tags, keywords, content
  • SEO Optimization of meta tags, keywords, content
  • 3 months SEO analysis, evaluation and optimization of metatags, keywords, content
  • Inclusive Hosting: Business Hosting Package (duration 12 months)
  • Includes 3 domains [DE, COM, ORG, NET] (duration 12 months)
  • Includes 3 IP addresses (duration 12 months)
Fixed Price: 6.721,95 € [incl. 19% TAX]

Netto price: 5648,70 €

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TYPO3 Developer Template Value (Beta 6)

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