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The demands on the technical implementation of Web applications increases with the complexity of the tasks.The security, stability, reliability and expandability have important implications for the long-term success of your web application. With offices in Asia and Europe, is available with IBS is a strong partner to achieve your web and software projects.

Content Management

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IBS sets on enterprise web content management systems on open source software. For professional solutions, we prefer the use of TYPO3.


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IBS Internet Business Solutions offers solutions for Internet, Intranet and software. As an indivdual or standard solution.


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The main emphasis on development TYPO3 and Magento. Always on top is accessibility and search engine optimized programming.


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E-Commerce and online shops are a big part of the turnover of many companies. But not always is an Internet shop guarantees good sales.


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IBS Internet Bussiness Solutions, the TYPO3 Agency based in Germany and Thailand provides professional solutions to the outsourcing price.


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The facilities and services of IBS Thailand extend from the support, hosting, update service and ...


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IBS offers its customers in Germany and Thailand, standard and custom hosting for TYPO3 and Magento.


Current Offer

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Here you'll find special offers and promotions. From monthly offers to promotions. Periodically check back worthwhile.

The core business of IBS Thailand

IBS Thailand, based in Bangkok provides TYPO3 and Magento solutions with the highest quality at an affordable price.
The focus of the development are on the accessibility and search engine optimization, short SEO called. Even in the development great emphasis is placed on compliance with the standard for accessibility.
Even in the development great emphasis is placed on compliance with the standard for accessibility. At the same time, we respect meticulous to an SEO optimized programming. A clean programming is the basis for the success of your web application.

If you are not satisfied with less. Contact us.

IBS Bangkok offers a full service agency and outsourcing partners the highest quality at a fair price. For the implementation of your projects IBS is based on license-free "Open Source Software". For the areas ECMS and WCMS we mainly use TYPO3. The eCommerce solutions we use Magento and xt: Commerce.


Web design and search engine optimization

On the need to present themselves as a company on the Internet, it needs no debate.

Who today to be a successful entrepreneur and businessman, wants, must have a meaningful, well-designed website to showcase the products and services of his company.

Nowhere else can you reach as a supplier of goods or services in such a large number of potential customers.
But just imagine: You have a website, but no one knows and visits them. A nightmare for any company with its own website. So, where to stay, the visitors that we have become so longed for? Since it has yet to create a wonderful website with all the possibilities have advanced web design, but the page is called only by chance by users.

The Internet as a product of the world wide web is so immense, boundless inconceivable that you can compare it with the search for a needle in a haystack. Finding your site is purely a chance result. What a benefit but a website without visitors?

The error is that is seen in the planning and execution of good web design exclusively in terms of visual aesthetics. Good web design does not rule out absolutely the best performance of Web sites with a. Anyone planning only in terms visually beautiful designs and executes, takes into account that the functionality of the website is not guaranteed optimal, actually also can not be. The web designer has been in the planning, preparation, and especially in the programming phase of the website, the search engines have in mind to get a good ranking in search engine ranking.

Very few companies are so well known that you know their web address per se. Who the company and thus the address is not known, it can be found through a search engine. Selection and placement of keywords on the website play a significant role. Pages that are entered individually excel automated mass registrations by far.

Planning and execution of an Internet presence are so versatile that we should entrust the job of a professional company which is familiar in all necessary areas.

Whether your website is displayed correctly in all browsers, you can easily checkyourself. Test Webpage.

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