General information about xt:Commerce Version 3

xt: Commerce is developed on the basis of the osCommerce version from 2003. This is an open source software. This was developed up to the version 3.0.4 SP2.1 and under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Until today, this robust shop software is one of over 100,000 installations to the most popular and trusted web shop software systems.

The former objective was to develop a shopping system, which allows the medium-sized trading allows easy access to the world of eCommerce gain.

xt: Commerce Version 3 requirements

The xt: Commerce 3 series is no high requirements and is available from the PHP version 4.13 runs with GDlib including GIF support, cURL library and the MySQL database version 3.23. The web space is required compared to new developments described rather than low.

xt:Commerce Version 4 „Veyton“

The successor version of xt: Commerce 4 is sold under the name Veyton. This is a complete redesign and is subject to a commercial license. Whether this version of the great success of the xt version: can connect Commerce 3 remains to be seen. Currently only available in German documentation should be more of a hindrance for an international breakthrough. Must also compete the Veyton with shop-systems such as Magento, OXID or Shopware. Unlike Veyton these versions are also offered as Commuty version, and thus free license.

    For more information about the functions of xt:Commerce Version 3 is available here.

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