General information to Magento

Magento is an open source software for use as e-commerce platform. In version 1.0 was published this on March 31, 2008. Developed, the eShop software from the same company Magento based on the PHP Zend Framework and MySQL.
Magento is under the Open Software License Version 3.0 of the GNU.

According to the White Paper Magento, Magento is the fastest-growing open-source platform on the planet.

Magento Version History

  • Magento released on 25. September 2013.
  • Magento released on 5. July 2012.
  • Magento released on 20. June 2012.
  • Magento 1.7.0 released on 24. April 2012.
  • Magento 1.6.2 released on 11. January 2012.
  • Magento 1.6 released on 18. August 2011.
  • Magento 1.5 released on 8. February 2011.
  • Magento 1.4 released on 02. February 2010.
  • Magento 1.3 released on 30. March 2009.
  • Magento 1.2 released on 30. Dezember 2008.
  • Magento 1.1 released on 25. July 2008.
  • Magento 1.0 released on 31. March 2008.

Magento editions

Currently, the following editions are available:

  • Communtiy, Free Edition License - open source OSL 3.0 license without support.
  • Magento Go is a hosted solution of Magento (Cost: 15.00 to 125.00 USD per month).
  • Enterprise Editon, annual fee from $ 15,550. [As of October 2013]
  • Enterprise Editon with gold level support from $ 49,990 per year.
  • Marge+, is a fork version of the Community Edition.

The Magento Professional Edition was taken to the February 1, 2012 from the market

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    The license-free version of Magento Community in the basic function of holding fewer features than the license-fee-based versions. However, these functions can be upgraded with modules or extensions. Under Magento Connect will be offered at the time [late 2010] more 3300 modules, extensions and interfaces. These are in part a charge or there will be plenty available for free to download. The advantage with the acquisition, alteration or new development fall, only one-time costs. Being obtained in the paid versions, an annual license fee.
    The decision on which Magento shop respectively which licensing model is the right should be decided case by case basis. For each shop or licensed version, there are reasons for doing so.


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