SEO Optimization - Search Engine Optimization

The coming of the English language term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The resulting professional branch of the website optimizer often refer to themselves as SEO's, which can be translated as Search Engine Optimizer.

Classify the search engine optimization under the generic term search engine marketing. This is abbreviated and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is used primarily to increase sales figures, which results from a higher placement of the Internet site. SEM will gladly support frames with the keyword advertising. Known example is the Google AdWords.

Advantage of search engine optimization

With good positioning of your web site into a search engine listing can influence the expected number of visitors significantly. Studies have shown, look at the 80 percent of search engine users generally only the first two search result pages and pay no attention to the following pages.

Because recent studies showed that the top 3 positions were noticed by all test takers, but only 85 percent of the subjects took advantage of the fourth meeting search. The fifth goal was down to 60 percent of the candidates this Suchererebnisse registered.

These studies clearly demonstrate that proper placement is crucial in the search engines.

Basic criteria

Before you optimize your web pages or professionally optimize can remember, the search engine optimization is not unique to the process of rapid results is out. See the SEO optimization process rather than the larger over a period running. Particularly in e-commerce should be a regular search engine optimization are taken into account. For a limited time horizon to many optimization attempts will not be effective or even be crowned with success.

A enmal reached placement is no guarantee that it will abide by it. Push it to new competitors in the market and the search engines are permanently with new ratings. Also try your search engine software to develop and optimize. Thus, it is inevitable that change the weighting procedure often.

Consequently, continued monitoring and targeted adjustments are the foundation of a successful search engine optimization.

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