TYPO3 - The Open Source, Enterprise and Web Content Management System.

TYPO3 is the only real Enterprise Web CMS that is under the GPL software license available for free. Due to the enormous flexibility of TYPO3 will not only use the Web but also in intranets and extranets. The unlimited extensibility achieved by numerous TYPO3 extensions (extensions) the ready in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) are available for free download.


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TYPO3 was originally developed by  Kasper Skårhøj Content Management Framework TYPO3 is based on PHP, which can be selectively used as the databases MySQL , PostSQL or Oracle, enjoyed great popularity quickly. Through the open source code and the flexibility enthusiastic TYPO3 developers and the community. In the following years, TYPO3 has developed into a popular, mature and stable content management system. Extensions of time are over 4,000 public domain. In the past TYPO3 for medium to large web sites was designed. Meanwhile, the CMS takes more and more popular with small sites, and in the private sector. The flexibility, ease of use and maintainability make it interesting to no web presence.

IBS Thailand, headquartered in Bangkok, offers professional TYPO3 Solutions to Outsourcing conditions. Information about the TYPO3 services available from IBS Thailand, click here. IBS offers in addition to the individual customer specific solutions and standard solutions for use TYPO3. An overview of the performance of TYPO3 you can get here.

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