Enterprise Content Management System

Professional Web-Content-Management-System

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  • Enterprise Digital Asset Management
  • Abstraction Layer - Integration
  • Integrated Caching
  • Optimized source code
  • Frontend editing
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Open Source CMS for Communities and Web 2.0 Portale

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  • Functionality
  • Usability / user friendliness
  • Rights system group and user level
  • Extensibility - customization
  • Separation of design and content - Multilingualism
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General information about Content Management Systems

Grafik vom TYPO3 Backend

A Content Management System [CMS] is used as the name suggests, the content management of text, data and multimedia files. The original design of content management systems [CMS] is the administration of such content. Based on the input of content without programming knowledge to enjoy CMS applications growing in popularity, especially on the World Wide Web [WWW]. Meanwhile, the CMS content management systems have become complex and that the area continues to rise unabated. The popularity of CMS has now also held in private collection users.

The advantages of using a CMS are obvious:

Grafik vom Backend Drupal
  • Strict separation of design and content
  • Displaying and publishing content
  • Content input without programming knowledge
  • Maintenance of content
  • reusability of content
  • User Managemen
  • Expandable with additional modules

The development of modern content management systems is in the structure of relatively equal. They consist of a frontend and a backend. They have a user with administrative permissions. The image is displayed using templates. The expansion is provided by Extension and modules. A convenient configuration interface is also part of a modern CMS.

IBS developed exclusively on open source content management systems.
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TYPO3 is probably the most powerful and expandable system under the CMS. Application of classical website, corporate portal, content management system through to the intranet solution. Due to the large number of extension it can be adapted to specific applications and to expand ECMS.

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Drupal demonstrates its advantages in particular in the use of communities, Web 2.0 applications. Even with mixed forms of classical CMS and community in extra-and intranets.

Other recommended Open Source Content Management Systems are Plone, MODx, and the accessible CMS Papoo.

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TYPO3 Developer Template Value (Beta 6)

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