System Requirements

TYPO3 is a web application programmed by PHP. It is not an application such as Windows, Mac or Linux. It need a web server to run, and you work with it through a web browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, or you "run" TYPO3 on the server.

If you want to run TYPO3 successfully, there are some requirements for both server and client (user) follow:

Images: Apache Web Server
a) Environment for Web Server
  • Operating System: Unix (e.g. Linux), Windows or Mac
  • Web server: Apache, IIS
  • Middleware: PHP5
  • Database: MySQL or any other database system supported by the TYPO3 DBAL (e.g. Oracle, Postgres and a lot of others)
  • Hardware: A normal webserver setup will do, with some modern CPU and at least 256 MB Ram. As with all database-driven applications, more RAM is advisable though.
  • Recommended software extras: GraphicsMagick 1.3.1x or higher (standalone) (ImageMagick 6.x will work, too), GDlib/Freetype (compiled with PHP), zlib (compiled with PHP), Apache with mod_gzip/mod_rewrite, A PHP-cache (eg. PHP-accelerator / Zend Accelerator, UNIX only)
Image: Graphic Browsers
b) Client (Developer)
  • Browser: Firefox, IE7+, Opera, Safari , Chrome( Top Browser is the best)
  • Graphical browser.
  • Possible will be a modern hardware computer
  • Memory limit at least 128MB in PHP.INI
  • Safe Mode must be OFF in PHP.INI
  • Execute time at least 180 Seconds in PHP.INI
  • Enabled extension=php_fileinfo.dll and extension=php_openssl.dll in PHP.INI
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