Maintenance und Sicherheit Release TYPO3 4.4.14, TYPO3 4.5.14, TYPO3 4.6.7 erschienen.
Die TYPO3 Community veröffentlich die TYPO3 Versionen 4.4.14, 4.5.14 und 4.6.7

Die neuen Versionen enthalten wichtige Sicherheits-, Wartungs- und Bugfix- Updates.

Es wird empfohlen ältere TYPO3 Versionen zu aktualisieren um die Sicherheitslücken im TYPO3 Kern zu schließen.

Detaillierte Beschreibungen finden Sie in den Security Bulletins:

Weitere Informationen zu den Updates erhalten Sie auf den folgenden Seiten:

Download der aktuellen Versionen:

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TYPO3 Developer Template Value (Beta 6)

Graphic: Download TYPO3 Template Package Free!

As the preparation phase of the TYPO3 Inc. is going on and the shaping of a potential TYPO3 Inc. becomes more and more clear, I am reaching out to find some key hires for the start-up team. As you know, the TYPO3 Inc. itself is...

The TYPO3 snowboard tour is the oldest TYPO3 community event that has been around for a very long time already. We are really happy to announce the legendary event will span the globe from Canada to Europe in the year of its...

The server team and a couple of friends from the team came together for a code sprint at the office in Karlsruhe over the weekend of November 6-8.This report aims at highlighting the major achievements during...